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Wise Sloths are a population of 2,222 unique sloths — unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain. They love to get dressed up and spread their wisdom.

Our Goal

The goal is to make Wise Sloths an iconic NFT collection through which to spread wisdom and thus make people more aware, self-confident and selfless. A Wise Sloth is much more than GIF, it represents a status, a line of thought, a lifestyle.

Why the sloth?

Sloths are symbols of diplomacy, of enjoying life and caring for others. Even when times get tough, they know how to adapt to change and take time to think about their next move. Therefore, who better than them can give us "advice"?


We aim at building a large community that brings together people with common values. We decided to use Twitter as the main channel for community building for its ease of use and the large number of users of all ages. We are already more than 8K!


Each sloth is obtained by the random combination of 47 possible traits divided into 9 categories: Background, Glasses, Hat, Moustache, Pipe, Sentence, Tie and Sloth.

Polygon Blockchain

The Wise Sloth collection is on the Polygon Blockchain. Polygon is an Eco-Friendly Blockchain offering free, or extremely low, gas fees.

ERC-721 Standard

The ERC-721 standard is synonymous with scarcity, particularity and rarity. Differently from other standards (e.g. ERC 1155) it focuses only on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Wise Sloths

Grab your Wise Sloth and spread the wisdom!

Wise Sloth #1619

Wise Sloth #313

Wise Sloth #766

Wise Sloth #22

Wise Sloth #1618

Wise Sloth #1147

Wise Sloth #1681

Wise Sloth #173

Wise Sloth #334

Frequently Asked Questions

Wise Sloths are a population of 2,222 unique randomly-generated sloths living on the Polygon blockchain.

The adoption price is 0.0032 ETH per Wise Sloth.

The rarity is part of the metadata so you can immediatly see it on Opensea.

We wrote a Python script that initially computes the prior probability of each trait and then, for each sloth, multiplies all the probabilities of all its traits. The lower the overall probability, the higher the rarity of the sloth. The sloth with ranking "1" is the rarest one.

The Wise Sloths will be on the Polygon ERC-721 blockchain, the contract address will be made public before release.

You will own all commercial rights to the design and you may do with it as you please.

Yes, 10% commission on sales. Commission will be used to market Wise Sloths and guarantee project longevity.

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